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About 1.00Auctions.com

Every day thousands of underpriced items go up for auction on eBay ... and most of them end up unsold!

Why? They get lost in the crowd! Sellers begin with rock-bottom starting bids hoping to attract a large number of bidders, but it's all too easy to miss these "plain Jane" bargains hidden among the flashy featured and gallery listings.

1.00Auctions.com helps you find the deals and steals by showing you ONLY items with a bid price of one dollar or less. Unless you request otherwise, we display only those items listed as "No Reserve", so you know the final bid price is the price you'll pay!

So what are you waiting for? Go bargain hunting now!


Q: Why 1.00Auctions.com ?

A: 1.00Auctions.com was "born" when I got a package of clothes hangers for a birthday present (true story!), I thought it would be really cool to make a site where people could find cheap gifts that they wouldn't be embarassed to give - or receive! Looking around eBay one day, I noticed there were actually a lot of amazing things selling dirt-cheap ... or ending up unsold. Not only things that would make great gifts, but things I could really use! The rest, as they say, is history.

Q: You're kidding, right? What can I possibly get for a dollar?

A: No kidding, this is for real! Here are just a few actual auctions which closed with a $1.00 (or lower) bid price:

  • Gap Jeans, New with Tags, size 4 - sold for $0.99! (these were really cute!)

  • BLACK ITALIAN 2 CUSHION LEATHER SOFA NO RESERVE - Listed for 1 penny, didn't sell!

  • Crate and Barrel Dinnerware Set - sold for $0.01!

  • Montgomery Ward Soldering Gun - sold for $0.01!

    And my all time favorite:

  • A car - an older Honda CR-V, automatic with A/C, for one dollar, No Reserve! It wasn't pretty, but it was driveable. No shipping charges, buyer pick-up only (from a suburb of Philadelphia) ...

    ... the auction ended without a single bid!

Q: If it's really such great stuff, why the ridiculous prices?

A: There are several reasons sellers start with super-low bid prices:

  • Loss leaders - big volume sellers post some of their inventory far below the actual value to draw attention to their other auctions.

  • Spring cleaning - Have something you never use taking up space in your closet/attic/basement/garage that's just too nice to put out at the curb? Lots of folks clean house by posting these unused or unwanted treasures on eBay (which reminds me - I have this pair of shoes I've never worn ...).

  • Attention-getters - the seller starts the item at a low price with no reserve hoping to draw attention to it and spark a bidding war. Sometimes this works, sometimes it backfires. (That's when you swoop in and get the deals!)

Q: I know it's not much, but still, how do I keep from being ripped off?

A: eBay has a lot of checks and balances in place to protect bidders from unscrupulous sellers. Here are some of our recommendations for being a savvy eBay auction bidder:

  • Check feedback - The eBay feedback system works! While even the best merchants are bound to get a negative comment or two (especially the high-volume sellers), a steady stream of complaints is a red flag. Read the comments to get an idea of the type of problems people have experienced and to better judge for yourself if the complaints indicate a one-time occurance or an ongoing problem.

    Always leave feedback when you get your items!

  • Watch for hidden costs - expect to pay shipping and handling costs on most auctions, but watch for sellers who "hide" the price of the item in grossly-inflated shipping charges. For more information, see our shipping and handling guide.

  • Read the item description carefully - a faux diamond is a far cry from a genuine diamond and that "gold ring" may actually be gold tone, not 14K gold!

  • Ask questions - not clear about the condition or other details of the item you're bidding on? Ask the seller your questions. Be sure to ask before you bid, as your bid is a binding offer to purchase the item for that price.

  • See our Buyers Guides for more helpful tips and information on a variety of topics.


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Items have a price or starting bid of 1 (one) dollar or less ( in US currency) when displayed, final purchase price may be higher. Reserve auctions may be included in some categories. We are not responsible for errors in listings - read item descriptions carefully and contact the seller before purchase if you have questions.